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Top 5 Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Recipes

5 Delicious Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Recipes from About.com Food Guides


By adding just one or two unique ingredients, or using a different cooking technique, you can serve an extra-special gluten-free sweet potato dish this year. Enjoy these recipes from our About.com Food Guides!

1. Caribbean Sweet Potato Recipe

Caribbean Sweet Potato Recipe from Miri Rotkovitz, About.com Guide to Herbs and Spices

2. Sweet Potato Apricot Bake

Sweet Potato Apricot Bake from Diana Rattray, About.com Guide to Southern Cooking

3. Tipsy Sweet Potatoes

Tipsy Sweet Potatoes from Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, About.com Guide to Home Cooking

4. Healthy Sweet Potato Fries

Healthy Sweet Potato Fries from Molly Watson, About.com Guide to Local Foods

5. Low Fat Sweet Potatoes

Looking for ways to trim calories from your traditional Thanksgiving menu this year? Try Low Fat Sweet Potatoes from Fiona Haynes, About.com Guide to Low Fat Cooking

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