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Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipes

5 different gluten-free sugar cookie recipes!


A collection of 5 gluten-free sugar cookie recipes, including gluten-free cut-out cookies, refrigerator sugar cookies, classic vanilla wafers and a gluten-free sugar cookie mix recipe.

1. Gluten-Free Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Icing Recipe

Blue and White Snowflake Sugar Cookies
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Kids decorate the most beautiful gluten-free sugar cookies of all! This recipe is easy to work with and makes lots of delicious, buttery holiday cookies.

Recipe for Decorated Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

2. Gluten-Free Refrigerator Sugar Cookies

2009 © Teri Lee Gruss
The cookie dough for Gluten-Free Refrigerator Sugar Cookies can be made ahead and frozen, making this one of my favorite holiday cookie recipes.

Recipe for Gluten-Free Refrigerator Cookies

3. Gluten-Free Vanilla Wafers - A Classic, Buttery Cookie

Image - 2009 © Teri Lee Gruss, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Gluten-free vanilla wafers are easy to make and buttery good. This simple recipe calls for basic ingredients and basic baking techniques, a great gluten-free recipe when you need a batch of good gf cookies without fuss.

Recipe for Gluten-Free Vanilla Wafers

4. Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Mix

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Make a jar of gluten-free sugar cookie mix and you can whip up a batch of fast and easy, buttery crisp gluten-free cookies on short notice. A jar of this delicious mix makes a terrific gift for gluten-free family and friends.

Recipe for Gluten-Free Sugar COokie Mix

5. Gluten-Free Lemon Sugar Cookies

2009 © Teri Lee Gruss
Gluten-free lemon sugar cookies are fragrant, thin, buttery tender Christmas cookies and a Santa favorite! This recipe is made with amaranth, one of the super nutritious "ancient" gluten-free grains.

Recipe for Gluten-Free Lemon Sugar Cookies

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