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Product Review of Tinkyada Gluten-Free Rice Pasta

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Product Review of Tinkyada Gluten-Free Rice Pasta

Tinkyada Gluten-Free Pasta

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The Bottom Line

Tinkyáda Pasta Joy gluten-free rice pasta products are popular with gluten-free home cooks and chefs alike. The firm texture and flavorful taste of Tinkyáda® pasta products sets them apart from other gluten-free pasta products on the market.

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  • Taste and texture are exellent- Not mushy!
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes
  • Manufactured in a dedicated, wheat-free facility
  • A variety of organic brown rice pastas available


  • May be hard to find in stores in some areas of the country
  • More expensive than wheat pastas


  • Tinkyáda® Organic Brown Rice Pasta-Spaghetti Style 12 ounce package, Certified Organic and Kosher
  • Ingredients: Stone-ground organic brown rice and water.
  • One two ounce serving contains 210 calories, 2 grams fat, 43 grams carbohydrates, 4 grams protein and 2 grams of fiber.
  • Cholesterol Free-Low Fat-Low Sodium-Easy To Digest-Source of Fiber-Quick and Enery-Saving Cooking Instructions on package

Guide Review - Product Review of Tinkyáda® Gluten Free Rice Pastas

The outstanding texture and neutral taste of Tinkyáda® Pasta Joy gluten-free rice pasta products make them an outstanding gluten-free substitute for wheat pastas. Follow package cooking instructions and you will not end up with mushy pasta. Cooks to al dente (tender but firm) in about 15 minutes. These products hold up to heavy sauces and their neutral flavor does not affect the taste of dishes like some corn or quinoa products.

Tinkyáda® offers a wide variety of pasta shapes including Grand shells, ruffled lasagna noodles, penne, spirals, fettucini, elbows, fusilli, plain spaghetti and spinach spaghetti (green pasta). Delicious gluten free lasagna, macaroni and cheese, Italian and Asian pasta dishes, stuffed Grand shells, Penne with bolognese sauce and more, are possible using Tinkyáda® Pasta products.

"Certified Organic" brown rice pasta is available in a variety of shapes and products and all products are manufactured in a wheat-free, dedicated facility.


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