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Review of GlutenTox Home Test Kit from Biomedal Diagnostics
Review of GlutenTox Home, an at-home test kit for the detection of gluten in foods from Biomedal Diagnostics.

Top Gluten-Free Travel Foods and Tips
Gluten-free living is challenging and gluten-free travel is challenge squared! The cardinal rule for safe and healthy gluten-free travel is to plan ahead.

Burger King Gluten Sensitive List
Burger King Positive Steps Gluten Sensitive List. Find foods suitable for a gluten-free diet at Burger King.

Celiac Disease Foundation-Gluten Free Resources
An extensive "Gluten-Free Resources" list of manufacturers and website links compiled by the Celiac Disease Foundation.

How to Support a Gluten-Free Food Section at Your Local Food Bank
As more people are diagnosed with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance the need for local food shelves that serve those on expensive gluten-free diets is bigger than ever. Here are tips and resources for organizing, supporting and benefiting from a gluten-free food section at your local food bank.

Living Without Gluten
Helpful tips and guidelines for learning to live without gluten from our terrific About.com Guide to Celiac Disease - tips that will make the process easier, healthier and less frustrating.

New to a Gluten-Free Diet - Check Out These GIG Links
If you have recently been diagnosed and are learning how to eat, cook and live gluten-free, check out these extremely helpful resources from GIG.

Whole Foods Market Removes Mislabeled Gluten Free Products from Stores
On December 30, 2008 Whole Foods Market announded it has removed 3 Wellshire Kids brand products, mislabeled as gluten free, from stores nationwide, after the products made several children on gluten free diets ill.

Organic Gluten Free Whole Grain Products
Organic whole grains from Eden Organics.

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