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Review of Gluten-Free Tanka Bars Made with Natural Buffalo and Cranberries

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Review of Gluten-Free Tanka Bars

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The Bottom Line

I recently discovered Tanka Bars at my local grocery. First I was wowed by the flavor of the gluten-free 100% Natural Buffalo Cranberry Bar. I was further wowed by the Tanka Bar nutritional profile.

Based on a natural Native American food, Tanka Bars are not only gluten-free -- they also have no MSG and unlike many beef products, the 100% natural buffalo contains no hormones. With an easy to pack Tanka Bar in tow, now I can count on getting a healthy, snack-sized serving of lean, natural protein in a delicious, low carb energy bar. Nice!


  • Delicious gluten-free energy bar
  • No MSG
  • Made with natural, hormone-free buffalo and dried cranberries
  • Only 70 calories per bar and 0 trans fats
  • 12 month shelf life


  • Each 1-ounce bar costs around $2.50
  • Availability - You may have to order Tanka Bars online or ask your grocer to stock them


  • 1 ounce Tanka Bar has 70 calories, 1.5 g fat, 7 g carbohydrates, 7 g protein, 360 mg sodium, 15 mg cholesterol, 6 g sugar
  • Made with buffalo, dried cranberries, water, salt, red pepper, sea salt, granulated garlic and onion, lactic acid starter
  • Perfect sized travel snack - easy to pack

Guide Review - Review of Gluten-Free Tanka Bars Made with Natural Buffalo and Cranberries

Tanka Bars and Tanka Bites are extraordinarily healthy and delicious gluten-free nutritional snacks. If you love beef jerky or jerky bites you'll appreciate this more natural, MSG-free, hormone free trans fat free, low carbohydrate energy bar.

Tanka products are made by Native American Natural Foods, LLC on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Kyle, S.D. And, Tanka Bars are guaranteed shelf-stable for up to 12 months.

Add Tanka Bars to the your list of great gluten-free sport and travel snacks and check out the Tanka website to learn more about their other products, including Tanka Bites.

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