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7 Helpful Tools for Gluten Free Cooks

Equipment to improve technique, quality and the appearance of GF baked goods


A gluten-free cook can get by without buying special equipment, pans and gadgets. But these tools can make gluten-free cooking more enjoyable with better results- and they provide years and years of service.

1. Instant-Read Thermometer

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An instant-read thermometer takes the guess work out figuring out when your gluten free breads are done. Oven temperatures are notorious for variation and certain gluten free flours brown faster than others, giving the appearance that breads are done, when, in fact, the middle is still doughy.

Since using my instant-read thermometer this is no longer a problem. At the end of the recommended baking time, take the bread's temperature, right in the middle of the loaf. If the instant-read thermometer shows 205°F to 210°F it’s done. No more breads that aren't cooked through!

2. Spring-Action Stainless Steel Scoops

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Spring-action stainless steel scoops are terrific time saving kitchen tools. When you use various sizes of good quality ice cream scoops to quickly measure and shape cookies, buns, pancakes, muffins and cupcakes you end up with uniform, professional looking products. Another advantage to using ice cream scoops is that they make the job of preparing baked goods faster and easier than scraping batter out of a spoon or measuring cup. You should be able to find scoops at your local cookware store or online.

3. Stoneware Tea Loaf Pan

I love this stoneware bread pan which has excellent heat distribution qualities. It isn't just for making tea loaves though. It's a 12" x 4" x 2 1/2" loaf pan that will hold the same amount of bread dough as a standard 9" x 5" loaf pan. This means that breads bake faster and slices are smaller. This saves energy in more ways than one. You can turn your oven off sooner and you aren't eating quite as many calories in each slice of bread. This stoneware bread pan is perfect for making sandwich breads for children or the rest of us who are watching our calories.

4. Lidded Pullman Loaf or Pain de Mie Bread Pan

I have owned the same Pain de Mie bread pan for over 20 years- long before becoming a gluten free cook. It's made of heavy-gauge steel, measures 13" x 4" x 4" and makes terrific, thin-crusted gluten free sandwich breads that is square. The Pullman pan is more expensive than most bread pans but it provides decades of service.

5. Stone Baking / Pizza Stone Reviews

If you like your pizzas crispy and crusty, a baking stone works to remove moisture from the dough. I have used my baking stone since I started to regulary make homemade pizzas for my family- almost 15 years ago. This is another piece of equipment that provides years of service.

6. Stand Mixer Reviews

My mother-in-law has had her stand mixer for 40 years and I have had mine for over 20 years. If you are an avid cook and plan to make homemade gluten free baked goods on a regular basis, this powerful, dependable stand mixer will make the task of mixing gluten free bread batters faster and easier.

7. Cracker, Biscuit, Cookie Cutter Set

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If you make gluten free cookies, crackers or biscuits on a regular basis a set of stacking, multi-sized cutters makes the job faster and the results uniform and appealing.

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