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Safe and Unsafe Grains and Flours

The first step in learning to cook gluten free - Learn your grains


A rustic bowl of uncooked porridge oats (oatmeal)
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Unsafe Grains That Contain Gluten

  • Wheat- All varieties including spelt, durum, semolina, graham, faro, emmer, einkorn, triticale and kamut. All forms including whole grains, berries, germs, brans, flours, sprouted wheat and fermented wheat.
  • Barley- All varieties and forms including malt vinegars, malted milk drinks and candies, brown rice syrup made with rice malt and beer.
  • Rye

Safe, Gluten Free Grains

  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Montina® (Indian Rice Grass)
  • Oats
    Note- The use of oats in gluten free diets is controversial. The Gluten Intolerance Group, the Celiac Disease Foundation and the Canadian Celiac Association approve the use of moderate amounts of gluten free oats. Other organizations including the Celiac Sprue Association recommend that oats be avoided.
  • Quinoa (Keen wah)
  • Rice flours- White, Sweet or Sushi, Brown, Wild Rice
  • Sorghum
  • Teff

Safe, Gluten Free Bean Flours

  • Fava bean
  • Garbanzo (chickpea) Note: Sometimes this flour is called "gram" flour, not to be confused with "graham" flour, from wheat.
  • Garfava (combination of garbanzo and fava bean flours)
  • Pea
  • Romano (cranberry)
  • Soy

Safe, Gluten Free Nut Flours

  • Almond
  • Chestnut
  • Coconut
  • Hazelnut
  • Pecan

Safe, Gluten Free Root Vegetable Starches

  • Arrowroot
  • Potato Starch
  • Potato Flour
  • Tapioca


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