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How to Make Gluten-Free Bread - A Step by Step Guide


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Tools For Making Consistently Good Gluten-Free Bread
Best Tools for Gluten-Free Bread Baking

Best Tools for Gluten-Free Bread Baking

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The following tools will help you make great gluten-free breads consistently:

  • A high quality, professional-type metal loaf pan. I love using Americoat Loaf Pans from USA Pans. Breads bake evenly and the non-toxic coating makes sticking a thing of the past. They're available online in a wide-variety of sizes. Merchants like Amazon sell them at reasonable prices. They are also available at kitchenware shops.
  • A good-quality, accurate kitchen scale to weigh ingredients. When you weigh ingredients you will get consistent results when you bake. Scales are what professional bakers use and for a smart reason - consistency!
  • A good-quality instant read digital thermometer. This wonderful little tool can tell you when your bread is done. It's so much smarter than a timer when it comes to knowing when bread is completely baked.
  • A thin nylon spreader spatula works great for shaping globs of gluten-free bread batter into nice looking loaves. This type of spatula is inexpensive and is available at restaurant supply shops and online at baking sites like King Arthur Flour.

Not pictured but extremely useful in bread baking is a stand mixer such as a Kitchen Aid. A powerful stand mixer makes easy work out of mixing gluten-free bread batters.

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