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Safe and Unsafe Grains and Flours - Gluten-Free
The first step in gluten free cooking is to learn which grains are safe to use and which grains contain gluten and are off-limits.
How to Use Gluten-Free Flours and Starches - Gluten-Free Cooking
Learn more about the unique characteristics of gluten-free flours and starches ... To prevent rancidity, always store whole grains and flours in the refrigerator or ...
Gluten Free Whole Grain Flour Blend Recipe Using a Kitchen Scale ...
Use a good quality kitchen scale to weigh ingredients for gluten-free whole grain flour blend. This is how professional bakers consistently bake - they weigh their ...
Lists of Gluten-Free Grains - Celiac Disease - About.com
For baking, gluten-free flour blends work better than a gluten-free flour made from a single grain. Commercial gluten-free flour blends are available, but many ...
Is Flour Gluten-Free? Which Types? - Celiac Disease - About.com
May 23, 2014 ... Wheat flour — the type that's listed as "flour" on ingredients' labels — definitely contains gluten, since gluten is a protein found in the grains ...
Grains for a Gluten-Free Diet - Celiac Disease - About.com
Safe (gluten-free) grains and grains to avoid on a celiac disease diet, in table form, to print out and take to the grocery store with ... Flours from nuts/beans/ seeds
Gluten-Free Flours - Celiac Disease - About.com
Oct 13, 2008 ... (If you've never baked with gluten-free flours, be sure to read Tips for ... cooked with other whole grains, or added to stir-fry or to soups and ...
Gluten-Free Grains - Celiac Disease
It's also frequently used to brew gluten-free beer. Sorghum is high in iron and fiber — half a cup of whole-grain sorghum flour provides about 25% of your daily  ...
Is Rice Gluten-Free? (Sometimes It's Not!)
Short answer: In most cases rice is gluten-free, but not all. ... Plain rice — regardless of whether it's whole-grain brown rice, polished white rice, long- grained ...
Can I Eat Rye on a Gluten-Free Diet? - Celiac Disease - About.com
Jun 2, 2014 ... Learn what's safe (and what's not) on the gluten-free diet. ... generally will want you to know that there's rye flour or rye grain in a product.
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